How to solve traditional business complexities with payroll services?

Companies with more than one employee definitely need payroll management. Think about them who have employees in the hundreds and some of them are lying in four digits. Instead of processing it by their own the best way is to outsource payroll services. In Uganda, the majority of non-expertise companies prefer to hire agencies for conventional services.


Payroll reports Companies provides a report based on detailed information about employee(s) wages and deductions. This benefit to a detailed view of each and every activity related to it.


Processing – Payroll processing includes calculations of the exact amount for each payday accordingly. This helps when there are multiple shifts in the organization, government holidays, and other tax-related information. In this, the companies can directly pay the amounts to the employees through banks, cash in hand or by paychecks.


Tax filing- In Uganda, companies prefer filing taxes on a quarterly basis. The service provider organizations help with employee taxes and its withholdings. They also issue various forms which are important during tax submission. Top Payroll Company in Kampala, Uganda guarantees an error-free service and helps contracted companies to avoid paying unwanted fines or interest to the government.


Employee data management-  the third party reports the new hires and manages the record of people who are about to leave or already left. The advantage of this is that companies pay the exact amount of salaries for the number of working days. They also inform government authorities about the new joining to provide the benefits offered by the government of Uganda.


Integration between companies, employees and government- companies and their employees can have no time to manage their tax problems. A payroll firm in Kampala provides a team to handle all your business expenditure and employee-related perks and government taxations.


The self-service platform for the employee(s) – Every month an employee wants to know the status of their number of working days, late deduction and even travel expenses. The services provider companies provide them a separate platform where you can check about login timing, late coming and even much more.


Features of Payroll Services in Uganda


Apart from payroll management and tax handling, service provider companies offer different modes of payment transfer. Clients can even get services of multiple wages rates for employees at different designations, shifting timing and compensation rates.  The services offered by leading payroll outsourcing companies in Uganda help employers to understand complex systems easily.

Acreaty Uganda provides affordable services that every business can afford. We provide fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and yearly. Depending on how often you require the services the company has a different structure to choose from and also effects the cost implications.