The role of marketing in making a business effective supply chain management

Practically the marketing of the company’s Product or Services starts way before its actual launch in the market. The organization wants to grow at a fast-paced pace, and along with it they need to manage and measure the domain and its development as well. Companies are keen to match the unconditional competition thus they need the best of Supply chain and marketing support in Kampala.

The sales and operation planning process is an integrated part of Supply chain and Marketing Management. The benefit of outsourcing the services serves several of its advantages to the organization and that could be for long-term planning and achievement of company goals. The role of marketing is to create effective business strategies, un-biased supply chain and logistics methodologies. When companies outsource services from the third party it requires complete analytics from product development to its final delivery, Modern procurement involves product feedback and based on it the agent company plans it more of a competitive strategy.

The supply chain of the organization is based on three parameters

  1.  Demand and Supply Curve

The contracting firm helps in managing the balance between the two, as any fluctuation in one of the parameters can hinder the efficiency of the other. The role of the third party is to closely monitor the market conditions, so to make the sales and demand in optimum order for the high demand and serve the global market.

  1.  Product and Service Market Review

The outsourcing company also keeps an eye on what your client and customer has to say about your services, as unattended or unhappy clients never turn up. Service providers help in further improvements in the domain.

  1. The organization’s location and manpower

Geo graphical location matters a lot, and with that the size of the manpower. Marketing can be done from anywhere but when it comes to logistic management organization must keep an eye to make it more suitable in all the ways of storage, suitable environment and on time delivery of the product and services.


The marketing and supply chains are cohesively related to each other and with the latest changes in technology; they need it for their high-end business solution. The SCM and Marketing management works together for complete procurement with proper planning and management of all business activities. Acreaty Uganda, the renowned name of the Supply chain and Marketing Solutions, helps from scratch to sky of the domain. It involves planning, procurement, management, activities of logistics and marketing strategies for business development. The firm helps the client and customers with the best market solution and also integrates the supply chain and marketing Duo overseas or within the country.