“Payback” your business with an onboard payroll outsourcing company

Employee motivation is one of the biggest factors in success of the organization. The payroll outsourcing is continuously gaining recognition in Uganda and in other major African countries. They are helping companies which are struggling in managing the HR and payroll of the workforce or they are looking to optimize the payroll department. Companies prefer to outsource the business solution from the leading companies which provides payroll services in Kampala as to put their quality time and money in building strategies for company brand building.

Some of the benefits that help business organizations in long run business development

Time Saving

Management of wages, bonus, attendance and funds are definitely time coming task. Thus, outsourcing payroll services from expert organization can help in saving your business time. It allows the organizations to invest the same time into other activities like brand building, brand promotion or customer handling.

Helps in government tax filing 

It is very difficult for the organizations to keep eye on government policies as they get updates regularly. The agent firms are well experienced and expertise in managing the services. Outsourcing the services ensures correct filling of government employment taxes and minimize their chances of being penalized.  

Minimize the cost of investment

It minimizes the cost of business handling and directly it can reduce the staff and department expenditure while outsourcing the services from the service provider. Per month saving of around $1200 can be seen in a firm of 50 employees.

Data Security

Employee data and its security is one of the most important concerns that companies are worried about. The service provider promises the complete data security and reduces the chances of manipulation in company’s record.

Hiring the professionals for account management helps the companies in mastering the best company tag as the workforce is happy with exact calculations of the payroll services.

Acreaty Uganda offers the payroll services in Kampala and in several African cities in:-

Employers Gain ability to:

  • Invoices and Payroll Reports
  • New and Existing Employee Information
  • Attendance Information
  • Custom Reports
  • Upload Benefits Plans
  • Custom Benefits Documents
  • Upload Employee Handbooks and PDF’s
  • Performance Reviews
  • Training Records

Employees gain access to:

  • Review Checks and Benefit Information
  • Update any new or existing Information
  • Corporate Documents
  • Online Enrollment forms

In almost every organization the payroll management is very much effected when the employer is absent or there is any public holiday. These worries are pointless when companies outsource as they take care of various other factors like correct calculation of employee salary, on time salary distribution and proper handling of government tax regulations. Acreaty Uganda works on data collection and resource utilization technique which indeed won’t compromise with the quality and time of executed projects.