3 Signs it is Time to Outsource C-level hiring to Executive Search Company in Uganda

Making a bad hire in your C-level (C-suite) can have terrible consequences. There is an art to finding top-performing, highly qualified executives and the search for the best talent can make the process far lengthier and far tougher. Executive search firms act as a catalyst to provide candidates if client companies are lacking the time or resources to conduct the search. When working with an executive search firm, the recruitment manager will only receive pre-screened candidates that meet the requirements of the specific position. Executive Search Company in Uganda has exceptional methods to find and attract a wide ranging of professionals. Additionally, recruiters also have access to “passive candidates,” who are not looking for a new position. These applicants often represent as the most competent talent in their industry.

Three signs it’s time to consult the Executive Search Company in Uganda:

Lack of the right experience  Some companies does not have enough experience on executive searches. Executive Recruitment is different from recruiting active candidates (low to mid-level) via inbound recruiting tools, like job postings. The skills required to attract and convert passive talent at the C-level suite are different than that used for hiring a manager or individual contributor. There are companies that are very good at hiring for manager/consultant level job positions and relied exclusively on active candidates to fill their posts. With leading recruitment agencies in Uganda, the goal is to form a partnership with the candidate, where both the employer and the candidate’s goals are achieved. So, to find the very best executive talent, stretch your company to embrace new recruitment processes and ways of doing things as it will only benefit the company.


Lack of quality hires  If your in-house team efforts are not attracting the best C-suite candidates to your company, you can utilise Executive Recruitment firms in numerous ways to potentially solve this issue. You may not be attracting the right talent that you need for your business due to marketing messaging issues.  Or the present vetting process you have may not be satisfactory.  Or your inbound hiring team is relying only on applicants that are reaching out to you and not actively head hunting on your company’s behalf to search the very best talent. This may be the right time to audit your recruiting process to identify where the issues is occurring. A reliable external executive search partner can play a major role in recognising the problem; sometimes the people within the company are too close to an issue to properly be able to identify the root cause.


Too much turnover  Again, appropriately identifying the root cause of turnover is the key to finding the best solution. Focus on the core areas that are contributing to the high turnover rate.  This may be the right time to engage an external Executive Search Company in Uganda as a partner to conduct exit interviews with the people leaving your organisation. The former workforce’s may be more comfortable sharing the exact reasons with an objective third party than with their former employer. The focus here should be getting to the accurate reason as this information is the key to lessen future turnover. The problem could be on the front end of the hiring process in not satisfactorily portraying the role, or it could be because your company is unclear on the right culture fit. We recently worked with a company that perceived their culture to be one way, when in truth their culture was something entirely different. This lack of consistency in the cultural message was causing buyer’s remorse with the newly hired talent which was leading to turnover. An executive search partner can offer cultural assessments to your current and future team members to ensure that the cultural perception matches reality.

Reach out the best Executive Search Company Uganda and explain what is going on in your company and their experts will put together a proposal and can help you to get on the right path to increased success.